Les Miserables

I miss Santa!

After being on my own for eight years, I am just now starting to get an inkling of what it really means to be a grown up. Funny how a bad economy will force you to realize just how much you can go without.
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I got a raise today (and a nice one at that). Still won't be too comfortable, but who is right now?
And I'm going to Napa tomorrow. Whoo!
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I miss Boise. A lot.
I hope this place starts to feel like home soon. Sometimes I think it might but then I start having these fantasies of hopping in my car and just hauling ass back to Idaho. I would go right to Betsy's house and sleep in her spare bedroom. Then I remember that my car hasn't run in about a year and I have this obnoxious thing called a job (and apparently I'm expected to show up tomorrow). Plus, I would never go anywhere for long without Tracy.
I guess I thought that as long as I had the woman I love, I could be happy anywhere. And I'm sure it's true to an extent. So why do I feel like I just don't belong here?
My brave face is cracking more every day. I just don't know if I'll ever get this city figured out.
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What I learned yesterday

As far as sports go, Lacrosse is pretty awesome.
Especially when the tickets are free and you're there with good friends.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wouldn't mind going again.
Go Lumberjax!

I do think it's a little weird that a city with a reputation for its hippies would name its team after the enemy of the tree hugger.
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Hey there, party people.

I keep feeling like I should update this but I never know what to say. I don't know if I've become more private or if I'm just lazy.
Anyways, I'm just going to fill out a survey I stole from someone on Myspace. At least it's a post.

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I've had a hard time writing lately. It sucks. It feels like something really important has been taken away from me. Except for magnetic poetry. That stuff's inspiration in a box. Maybe it's because I write all day but it's stuff like explaining why we returned someone's check or how they actually do have to pay back the Direct Deposit Advance even if they don't have any money. Kind of kills the muse and the spirit after awhile. By the way, if you use that DDA service, stop now. It's a stupid idea and you will soon be very broke.
A friend's been letting me edit her stuff so it's kept my brain at least a little active.
Anyways. . . few words not made out of little white strips decided to work with me for a few minutes today and I was able to actually create for the first time in a long time. It's not great but it felt so good I had to share.

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Whoo hoo!

They passed a bill in Oregon making it illegal to discriminate against people in employment and housing (unless the group is religious) based on sexual orientation. The governor just has to sign it, and he's already said he would. It doesn't really affect me too much because Wells Fargo already has a very broad diversity program. They even let people add domestic partners to their insurance. But I'm still happy that we're making progress around here. I'm even ok with the religious exemption because religious groups deserve respect too. If only it was reciprocal.
It's expected that they'll also pass a bill allowing state recognized domestic partnerships. It's already passed the House and as far as I know it's in the Senate committee now. I don't plan on rushing out to get one (despite what many people believe, lots of us take that kind of commitment very seriously) but I'm very excited. If/WHEN I get married, those extra benefits will come in handy.
All in all I've been disappointed with the Portland activism scene since I've been here, but this is certainly a great step in the right direction.
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Vegas, baby!

I am no longer a Vegas virgin. Yay! I loved walking up and down the strip and looking at all the cool casinos. We stayed at Hooters, which I was iffy about at first but learned to love. I finally accepted after about $25 that I hate gambling. I would get just as many pretty colors and noises if I lit my wallet on fire and threw it off a high bridge. My favorites (in list form because I'm lazy):
-The wax museum. Some of those statues are so realistic!
-The roller coaster on top of New York, New York.
-The Venetian.
-The bed in our hotel room. I didn't even realize I wasn't getting decent sleep regularly until I slept in that wonderful bed.
-The shopping center at Caesars. Even though I couldn't afford much of anything. It was fun to look around and stop for a drink at Planet Hollywood.
-HARD ROCK CAFE. This is in caps because we had to work so hard to get there. It's way off the strip and there wasn't a bus to take us there. It was one thing I insisted on seeing before we left for Vegas and although our feet ached and we were too tired and sick to eat much once we got there, it was freaking awesome. I want to go to another one. You should see my pretty shirts I bought.
-Watching the sign on the new Planet Hollywood hotel go from Planet Ho to Planet Holly over a matter of days.

We arranged our flights so that we would be home by 10:30 am on Thursday because we wanted the afternoon to relax before work the next day. Instead, they cancelled our flight and sent us to LA, which is farther from home than we already were. We waited there for six and a half hours before we got a flight back to Portland. There was some Eastern European lady who kept leaving her bag for 10-15 minutes at a time. She'd come back, move it, and leave again. It seemed suspicious or at least very stupid to me but there was never anyone around to report it to. We finally got to the Portland airport at 4pm.
I will never fly United again. Their check-in people must have some contest going on to see who can throw baggage at the conveyor belt the hardest. I know all airlines throw bags, but not usually right at the counter and these people weren't doing it for speed. They were going out of their way to heave it back and throw it down from less than a foot away. The actually managed to break the plastic below the handle on one of our bags. We've flown with them the last few times because they're cheap, even though they're rude as hell. No more.
It was an exhausting but great vacation. It was great to see Kim, Matt and Alyssa (and to meet another Kappa). I won't need to go back for at least five years though. That place will suck you dry.
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